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Eric Monster's Journal

Eric M
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Hey, thanks for stopping by to read my journal.

No, you don't have to ask if you can add me to your friends list -- this journal is completely open for the whole world to read. If you enjoy reading it, then add it to your list. Yes, if you add me to your friends list I'll probably add you back, but there's no need to harass me about it if I don't do it immediately -- I'm probably just busy with deadline artwork, fighting with editors and publishers, or overthrowing the government. If you leave smart and/or funny comments, and play nicely with everyone else, then we'll get along great.

Yes, you can quote any of my posts in your own blog or journal, just give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is not cool.

Note: Anonymous posting is allowed here so non-Live Journal users can post their thoughts. There is nothing about the anonymous posting system that prevents you from signing your name to your words. Please sign your name, or at least a pseudonym, to any future posts. This helps me manage trolls.

Here's some more about me:


Eric Millikin is a genius young artist from Detroit and the son of a layed-off auto worker. To pay his way through art school he cut up dead bodies in Michigan State's human anatomy lab. After the police raided his apartment without a search warrant hoping to find sculptures he’d made from dead fetuses, he decided it would be great fun to put a dead fetus comic called "Fetus-X" in their newspapers and then make the cops choke to death on their doughnuts.

Fetus-X is a weekly autobio political romance horror comic. Basically, if gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson were an artist instead of a columnist, and more into the occult than he was into drugs, Fetus-X would be the comic that he’d make. While he’s dead. Fetus-X is either "Entertainingly perverse," "Genius," "Very cool," "Very funny," or "Blasphemous," depending on whether you ask The Comics Journal, the guys from Penny Arcade, Scott McCloud, Pulitzer Prize winner Joel Pett, or the Catholic League of America.

Millikin's comics and artwork have appeared in newspapers at over 20 colleges, in alt-weeklies like the Detroit Metro Times, and in daily newspapers like the Lansing State Journal, and The Detroit News and Free Press, and USA TODAY. fetusx.com is one of the most popular webcomic sites, and Fetus-X is featured in the book Attitude 3, edited by Ted Rall.

“Fetus-X by Eric Millikin gets stranger and more pissed-off week by week. You owe it to yourself to swirl Fetus-X around your brain every seven days... It made me laugh out loud.” -- Warren Ellis, author of DC/Vertigo’s Transmetropolitan


While you're harrassing your local newspaper to run my comics, you'll be pleased to know that my latest comic is always at fetusx.com and recent ones are collected at serializer.net.

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